How to Turn your Bad Mood/Day Around

badmoodHuman beings oftentimes have a bad day and this tends to get worse as such days runs out.

There are many reasons for this. Sometimes it could be a dominating effect as a result of some negative events that happened to you. For instance you lost some items as a result of searching for them you lost an appointment or goes late to work. This negative events tends to make us irritating, snap at people thus causing them to be more rude and less understanding with us. As a result of such behaviours towards us, we tend to get madder as the day wears on.

Our attitudes towards such days/moods can make us lose some valuable opportunities and can negate people’s feeling towards us if not properly managed.

The big question is, how can you turn such days around for good? Here are some strategies that have worked for me, I believe they can work for you to.

-Think of the Cause of your Bad Mood

Recently I had one of those bad days. Nothing seemed to work and I was mad at everything. The first thing I did was to ask myself a question. Why am I feeling this way? On asking this question I took the next step.

– Take a Mini Meditation

I began to meditate for about 5-10mins, recalling how the day started, what I have done, what I planned to achieve etc. Such meditation can give you the needed break from what is stressing you or help you figure out the actual cause. It can help you come back with a new perspective and a fresh start.

-Take a Short Work out

I remember I took a short workout. This helped me tremendously as good work out blows away the steam and take away negative energy off your day even it is for few minutes. (Remember the benefits of exercise to stress management).

-Chat with a Friend

Talking with a friend who listens to you, understands your feelings, sympathizes, and help you point out things you are missing can help you get a good frame of mind instead of vetting out your venom. This is unlike talking to a poor listener who would rather blame and make you feel worse.

-Count Your Blessings

Recalling ten or more things you are grateful for can help turn such days around. Infact taking time to recall the whole experience can accelerate the turn around.

-Take Something
For me taking a plate of pepper soup and soft drink helps me in overcoming bad mood/stress. For some other persons taking chocolate and a cup of green tea can work wonders. The effect of taking something is that it make you feel a little pampered. Though this don’t work for everybody but you can combine it with Meditation.

-Take a Short Prayer
A short prayer can be of a great benefit because it can help reassure you, strengthen your faith and give you a breeze of hope. This is usually one of my last resorts and I have found it the most effective.

Finally, see it as a Challenge.

Seeing such situations as a challenge instead of a threat can help you face it squarely as a normal day challenge. This in fact can help you figure out a solution rather than being defensive.


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