How To Hire Part Time Employees for Your Business

If you are starting a new business for cost reasons you may not desire having tens of full time employees who no matter how bad the cash flow is would expect their monthly pay.

Thus hiring part time employees to do specific jobs for you for an agreed fee will ensure that you don’t accumulate a huge fixed expenditure. When their services are needed you use them and they get paid. Otherwise they receive nothing. That means you pay only when certain services are rendered.

What Can Part Time Employees Help You to Do in Your Business?

Of course there are core activities that may require full time concentration. For these you will hire permanent workers to do those things daily.

There are plenty of little jobs part time workers will do for you in your organization. The list can include;
Sending mails
Sorting mails
Serving routine customer needs
Answering the phone
Keeping things tidy
Research work
Tracking Inventory
Proofreading etc

Who To Hire as Part Time Employees?

Since your part time jobs won’t require much expertise or skills students or fresh graduates are a good source of part time work. It doesn’t pay to hire experienced workers for jobs that these set of people can do. Plus the fact that you can get student interns to work for you at a far cheaper rate.

How To Hire

First you have to advertise cheaply. After all we are talking about part time jobs here. Place adverts in school magazines, notice boards and in places where young graduates and interns are likely to read them
Create a simple but effective interview process as you will need the best hands you can get. Go for creativity, zeal instead of experience since these jobs may not be demanding of experience. Try to make your part time workers enjoy their work. If they do and as a result put in extra zeal in the work your business will be the better

Finally make your employment conditions clear before hiring. If you are going to require three hours per day, 3 days a week work this is where you spell it out to the candidates.


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