Introducing Njorku, an Emerging African Job Search Engine and Aggregator

African tech entreprneurs continue to push limits and come up with varied solutions to the continent’s daily problems through creative use of technology. Today we introduce you to Churchill Nanje Mambe, the founder of, a job aggregator and search engine that crawls various job portals and sites in Africa to bring to visiotrs relevant job openings filtered to their requiremnets.

Njorku though it covers Africa, provides job search results in predominantly Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya. Th simple layout catches the eye and makes it simple to use. It also features career forums and job alerts by SMS.
As at the time of this interview with Churchill the site had average over 500 daily visits and increasing.

NairaBrains sat down with Churchill Mambe to discuss the otive and vision behind Njorku and where he hopes to take the search site.

Here are the excerpts;

1. Can We Meet You?
I’m Churchill Nanje Mambe, a Cameroonian and founder of I am glad to be with you guys on this platform all the way from Buea in Cameroon.

2. What Gave You the Idea for Njorku?
Well I have a software development company and I have been trying to employ great developers with not much success. I have tried a lot of the solutions out there available for Africans but not much so I decided to develop a platform that can help me to get the best candidates and also attract the best candidates to connect with potential employers like me.

3. Seeing the Relative Competition in the Job listing market What Motivated You to Start
Njorku and Do You think It has Prospects?

Well is a job search aggregator and search engine and this market segment is not having much competition hence it has prospects.

4. All startups may have financial or non-financial goals. Do you hope to make Njorku

I sure hope to make Njorku sustainable and this involves making profits for investors.

5. How do you do hope to do that?
Well for now we don’t yet know exactly what is going to work. Our team of business development consultants are constantly researching on this and in say 2years we will be able to get the most out of our investment. But all signs show that there will be some good revenues hence we push harder as the days go bye

6. Obviously it appears you crawl content of various job sites across Africa. In that
sense how do you reach out to those?

Well like we crawl sites and detect job sites and then add those to our index of sites and regularly visit these sites for new jobs to serve our users.

7. What Do You Think About Technology Opportunities in Africa?
Africa like the rest of the world has a lot of technology opportunities but I think Africans are not always well informed and educated to harness these opportunities and the few that have the capabilities are either stuck in America, Europe or Asia or busy with jobs at top companies here in Africa so much that they cant take the risk of living on no monthly salary but hopes in their own ventures

8. Thank you for Your Time. We hope you keep in touch.
Thanks for the opportunity

What do you think of Is it sustainable? Let us know what you think.

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