40 Nigerian Developers Create Prototype Nigerian Government Website

In line with our commitment to bring relevant information on achievements by Nigerian business people and professionals we bring you this report on a group of Nigerian web developers who earlier this week unveiled a prototype website for the Nigerian Government.

In reaction to the belief in various quarters that the Nigerian Government’s official website (Nigeria.gov.ng) is not up to the expected standard these group of volunteer developers gave themselves a 3 month target to come up with a better prototype website for the government as a way of proving that ” that there are a bunch of individuals ready and capable of handling a job the magnitude of nigeria.gov.ng or something similar for individuals, corporations or government entities.”

The prototype website which domain is at www.newnigeria.org.ng consists of dummy pages as it is mainly to demonstrate the capacity of Nigerians to deliver quality design on behalf of the government.

The group of designers go by the name ‘Nigeria40’


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