Top Three Most Recommended Internet Service/Connection Providers in Nigeria

Reliable internet access has been a challenge to everyone involved in accessing the internet in the course of their work or study. this is despite the fact that there are a host of internet service providers touting their stuff in the market.

On a personal note I have turned to something akin to a modem collector not because I love owning modems of most of the internet service providers around but because I keep getting disappointed with the reliability and speed of the internet service provided that I ended up buying several modems from various ISPs all in a bid to stay connected reliably. Checking my desk drawer I can see modems from ZoomMobile (now Reltel Wireless), Starcomms, MTN, Multilinks etc.

We undertook to analyse the various internet connection service offerings available and come up with the best three you can hopefully rely (hopefully is the word). We bring to you a review of the best internet connection plans in Nigeria as at this date.

In coming up with this selection we have relied on some cardinal qualifications as we do in all our rankings and listings/review articles. We looked for
– speed
– reliability
– limitations

And here’s the top three internet connection services providers in Nigeria

1. Globacom: Globacom’s NetPro 3G service has reliable 3G in many towns across the country. With the Glo Netpro 3G modem you can stream video at relative speed, make Skype calls. The most prominent draw back is the download limits applicable in all pricing plans. If you are a heavy browser you can go for the 7GB monthly plan. There are also the daily plan of 150MB limit and so on.

2. Swift Networks: Has very good speed within Lagos and relatively reliable though it is not guaranteed if you are outside Lagos. The obvious limitation is that it is virtually available only in Lagos.Outside Lagos you cannot be sure of both speed and reliability.

3. Etisalat: Etisalat Easyblaze has an okay speed depending on your location and is a relatively new introduction into the internet service space.
Limitation: Only available in a handful of towns. Expansion will continue but users fear it may affect speed.

Now you know what to go for when you need internet connection for your office or home.


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