Introducing PocketMoni eTranzact Mobile Money Service

Just like various financial institutions in Nigeria eTranzact is not being left behind in the scramble to dominate mobile money service in Nigeria. They demonstrated their seriousness with the launch of PocketMoni.

PocketMoni is the brand name of eTranzact Mobile Money service. eTranzact Mobile Money platform is the first truly operational mobile commerce application that is multi network capable with the ability to interface seamlessly with third party payment schemes.

The service in line with international standards is secured utilizing 3DES encryption technology. In addition a PIN is required for every transaction.

PocketMoni enables customers to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively
– send money to family and friends,
– buy airtime TopUp of any network,
– Pay bills such as: DSTV, Hi TV, MyTV monthly subscription, POSTPAID bills, PHCN bills
– and Make cash deposits

How it works
PocketMoni has an application that will be installed on your phone, then you can launch the application, register and set up your account. For full details check out the user guide HERE

However, it not clear how to register an account or download the application.
I tried opening an account online but was unsuccessful. I contacted the company but yet to get any feedback from them. I will keep you posted on any update.
In the meantime you can go check it out HERE


50 thoughts on “Introducing PocketMoni eTranzact Mobile Money Service

  1. av reg but itz how to check my balance thatz what i am after!dose it require sending of codes,plz any wit helpful info cn jst hit my site nd place it as a shout out,pls

  2. l sent my firstnme and surname with a code to 20220.And l have changed my pin,but my little is can people who are not able to use browsing phone enjoy benefit of eTranzact? Let me know of alternative option for ordinary phone.

  3. This is a welcome development. I have the application installed on my handset for over 3 months now and I do not know how to proceed from there. I need more enlightenment. I can also be reached on 08095951702. I look forward to expited response. Regards.

  4. first it was andy dt started dis convesation in d first place bt evryone was patricia dis patricia dat we even had competition between agents with which number to type b4 sendin it to 20220 pls lets respct ourselves mobile money or money in cash money choose one u no go buy garri for mobile money for sure.

  5. Pls to be an agent, am i going to register on their site ” or to register with aggregator,also which one is better to register for,aggregate A or B.

  6. pls help! I sent the massage to the num 21220 with my glo line and it came bk to my outbox. It never sent why?

    1. Hi, Ebuka,
      Try it again! TEXT ‘ reg- first name- surname-001170 ‘ to 20220 not to 21220.
      Make sure you have one space between each word. Keep trying if it does not go or call 08059502540 for help.

  7. Wow…!

    I got my phone Activated for POCKETMONI Mobile Money Services
    by sending an SMS in d format below:

    Reg Firstname Lastname 002193

    to 20220

    The confirmation I got was immediate.

    I am using Pocketmoni Mobile Money now !
    It saves TIME. It gives MONEY!

  8. Gdevenin guys… Does pocketmoni require one registering his atm card details in order 2use it,and also, wat does ‘card details’ on d application refer 2??? Thnks guys

    1. card details means you can need to get an etranzact ATM card called genesis card. You can also link your bank Atm card in the phone.


  10. Sincerely to be an agent entails more than paying 6000 .You have to under training to be sure of what you are marketing .I have gone through it so i can tell u

  11. Hi Patricia, any ideas on how to contact e-tranzact. Have some ideas that could help the faster adoption of pocket-moni

    1. Uzosky b4 u become an agent u av activate ur phone first den register n u do da 2ru an agregator who is anoda type of agent.i am an agent u can also register wt anoda agent by includn d agent code wen u register.2 register type REG SURNAME FIRST 001755 TO 20220. U wil receive a response n down d link. U can cal 08024250520

  12. It is very easy to get a Pockemoni account. Mind you pocket moni brand is link to all the banks in the federation and the 4 major networks ie MTN,AIRTEL,ETISALAT & GLO .

    To get a pcketmoni account, your phone must be a java enabled phone.In lay man’s term meaning , a phone that can browse the internet like black berry, nokia, samsung phones that can browse.

    From your mobile phone Simply Text “D pocketmoni” to 20220 to install and follow the instructions to activate.

    After installation , the next step is to register. To register, Text ” REG FIRST NAME ,LAST NAME 001170′

    TO 20220 (EG TEXT “REG JOHN MARK 001170” TO 20220)

    *NOTE: JUST TEXT WHAT IS THE BRACKET. But with your own first name and last name.

    After registration, you will get a pin number which you have to change.

    You can also earn money for your self when you also register other users. Also buying recharge card through pocketmoni is cheaper bcos they sell to you at a discount. For more information we can talk more by e mail and phone calls.




    Pls a need you to send me a full details of the user guide into my email address.
    also the minimum amount of money one can start with.

    thank you

    1. Yes, i can give you the user guide but you have not given me any e mail address.

      The amount needed to register as an agent is presently N6,000.

      The minimum amount you can start with as a user can be as low as five naira.

      Do you want to be an agent or a user?

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