Exclusive List of 11 Richest Nigerians in 2011: Their Net Worth, How They Got Rich

No 11. Mohammed Indimi

Networth: $330 Million
Source: Energy & Oil

Mohammed Indimi is the founder and chairman of Oriental Energy Resources, a privately held Nigerian oil exploration and production company. Indimi’s Oriental Energy currently has three offshore Nigerian oil and gas projects with daily production of 35,000 barrels. He also serves as the Chairman of M & W Pump Nigeria Limited. He sits on the board of several privately owned companies across several sectors of the Nigerian economy including construction. He is believed to be a close ally of some top military brass in the country.

Acknowledgements: in compiling this list we consulted a lot of sources; online and offline. We may not be able to mention all but we acknowledge the information we got from sources like Forbes magazine, Wikipedia, Nigerian Stock Market, and hundreds of business organisations (including those owned by the people in this list).

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  1. Is Dangote really selling sugar to breweries??

  2. Some of your info are incorrect. Sayyu Dantata is not a cousin of Aliko Dangote, rather he’s his half-brother as both are the sons of Dr. Mariya Sanusi Dantata.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to point somethings out

  3. I aknowledged the effort of alhaji aliko dangote for emerging the richest man in the africa and 76th man in the world today. I pray may the good lord gives him the strength and the desire to become the richest man in the world just as carlos slim and bill gate in the world today

  4. Paul are the amount in US dollars or another currency?

    • The amounts are in US Dollars as indicated in the article

  5. I applause Mr. Aliko Dangote if you is giving back to the people in his country to give them a better life and to grow the country because I like to visit there one day.

  6. We wish you luck in your noble plan

  7. I think there are more richer Nigerians, is this list really exhaustive?

    • This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. We try to showcae the richest 11 in 2011. However we also carry more research to expand the list. The challenges of access to information and record keeping also affects compilation of lists like this.

  8. I want to be associated with Aliko Dangote for the funding of my NGO’S projects.
    They need to know how peace must reign in our nation Nigeria.

    Also for my personal development and some community development.

    Thank you.

    Best regards


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