What Should Be On Your Career Bucket List

We are all looking to move ahead in our careers, regardless of what that career is. Whether you have an at home business, are simply a worker bee, or are in a place of management, there are a few things that everyone should do with respect to their career before moving on to retirement.

Be Promoted With Your Current Company

All too often, we have to jump from job to job in order to receive a promotion. Although this may be the easiest way to excel in the ranks, it may not be the best thing for your future career advancement. The reason it may not be the best is due to the fact that it makes it appear as if you are not able to do what needs to be done in your current job in order to advance. This can send a message to others that there are reasons for not advancing you and the only way you can receive a promotion is to get a job where your inadequacies are not known. This is defiantly not the message you want to convey to future prospective employers.

Obtaining a promotion is difficult, at best. You are competing with your coworkers as well as outside applicants for this one position. A promotion may not be something that can be attained. No worries on this fact though as there is a simple solution. Once you have been in your position for enough time to have performed well and exceeded expectations, ask for a title change. If you are able to do this, do what you can to work the word “manager” into the new job title. For example, if you work in a position where you handle and maintain some sort of production of either a product or service, ask for your new title to be Production Manager. Most employers will not mind changing your title in order to make an employee a little happier in their position.

Work Your Dream Job

Not many people are currently working their dream job, nor will they. Often times we become complacent in our employment and don’t want to rock the boat too much so as to continue on with status quo. Although you may not be in a place to change your job, you do need to recognize where you eventually want to be and put into place those things that will help you to get to where you eventually want to be.

Obtain Higher Education

Nothing says more about a professional than the education they have received. Not only that, those who have college education are more likely to advance in their careers, which means making more money. Getting a degree does not guarantee you advancement, but it sure makes it easier to get noticed when being compared to your competition. Not only will it help you to be promoted or even get yourself another job, it will help you to get into other industries within your scope of study.

Since earning a degree takes time, it will be in your best interest to get started now so that you can reap the rewards down the road.

We should all be focused on what we need to do next in order to advance professionally. Becoming complacent in your current situation will not help you any when you get to a point where you desire change. Always be working in a forward motion in order to better yourself and your future.

Kelly Prachett is a career counselor and in her spare time she blogs for superscholar.org a site she often recommends to those who are trying to figure out which online colleges have the best online MBA programs.


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