[PRESS RELEASE] Eskimi Introduces Mobile Money Marketing Platform in Nigeria, Supports the Cashless Initiative

A press release just reaching us shows that popular mobile social network Eskimi has joined the fray of mobile payment providers as they hope to provide unique solutions to help the current cashless initiative in the economy.

Read full text below;

Eskimi – largest mobile social network to meet new people in Africa, announced about the launch of a mobile money marketing platform for Nigeria with special tools for mobile money operators to acquire, educate, research customers and later together with content partners perform activity and retention campaigns.

“For the last 3 months we were working on the tools for mobile money operators to acquire customers through social media and mobile web. We now can announce the successful launch of the mobile money marketing platform that can be used to acquire customers for mobile money operators”,

– Vytautas Paukstys, Chief Executive Officer of Eskimi shared the success.

Eskimi customer acquisition platform asks the users to enter the information needed by the KYC requirements such as name, last name, address, mother’s maiden name and phone number. The platform has mobile number confirmation systems or they can be already performed on the mobile money operator side.

“Eskimi has a unique offering as we know our customers very well. That means that we can not only deliver quality customer acquisition campaigns, but also target the campaigns to the segment mobile money operators need. We can ask customers about their current preferred payment methods, target the campaign messages by age, location, education levels”,- the details were brought by Vytautas.

Customer acquisition is not enough “The main challenges for mobile money operators of course starts from customer acquisition. With the number of licenses issued, mobile money operators will face fierce competition for channels to grow their customer bases – both online and offline. However, after the customer base is acquired mobile money operators need to work on their usage, activity and retention. This needs quality services that can be offered through mobile money. Currently the offering is still very poor”, Vytautas Paukstys commented on the situation of mobile money in Nigeria.

Eskimi will integrate mobile money payment services for Eskimi virtual services to provide instant services for customers to buy and test their new payment option. Creating m-commerce marketplace to help the cashless Nigeria project Eskimi also invites music, movie, mobile content industries to join the initiative and create more services that can be sold on the mobile platforms through mobile money creating an ecosystem for new customers that start using mobile money.

“By offering a wider range of services accessible through Eskimi we plan increase the value to our end-users, but also help Nigeria’s cashless initiative by educating people to use safer and more innovative ways of payment”,-added Vytautas Paukstys. Eskimi just reached 7 million customer mark, becoming the largest mobile social network to meet new people in Africa. Eskimi has half of its audience from the largest market Nigeria. Eskimi is currently recruiting sales team in Nigeria and Ghana, also expanding in other African markets.

Contacts: Vytautas Paukstys, CEO E-mail: [email protected]


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