5 Leading E-commerce Platforms in Nigeria 2015

Ecommerce certainly has taken on a life of its own in Nigeria. Among the various sectors of the online business and tech industry ecommerce is certainly where the fiercest battle for the eyeballs and pockets of the customer is ongoing. As if the field isn’t hot enough more entrants join the fray each month.

One may have lost count of how many ecommerce sites we actually have in Nigeria at the moment. However the truth is that a whole lot of these sites are neither here nor there in terms of growth, brand recognition, sales volume and even fund raised. And whether we like it or not these are the factors by which ecommerce sites are judged.

Quite a few of them are making money (though whether or not they are making profits is a story for another day) and have begun to gain market recognition and brand awareness.

So here are the top ecommerce sites so far in 2015.

1. Konga

Konga is one of Nigeria’s big two online shopping sites founded by Sim Shagaya.

2. Jumia

Jumia is backed by the well known Rocket Internet group.

3. MallforAfrica

MallforAfrica’s unique business model is that users in Nigeria can, via the MallforAfrica app, makes purchases from US and UK shops and have it delivered to Nigeria. They appear to be on the rise as I have personally used them a couple of times with few complaints.

4. Dealdey

Dealdey is the only deals ecommerce site still standing strong in the country and makes the list by virtue of that.

5. Supermart

Supermart is a fast growing online supermarket and grocery that looks set to dominate that particular niche of ecommerce.


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