My Experience Job Hunting in Abuja, Nigeria

Finding a good job here in Abuja is easy, getting one not so much. The demand for jobs here in Nigeria especially Abuja exceeds that of the supply. Nigerian youths today suffer from unemployment and non-availability of jobs to cater for the teeming mass of youths that graduates from various Universities across the nation every year.

I graduated from the University of Benin some years back, obeyed the clarion call to serve my Father land in Ondo State, and have since been searching for the elusive white collar job, meanwhile working a few blue collar jobs to keep my hands busy and my conscience honest, I discovered that without the “god-father factor” securing a job would not be easy.

This is my experience job hunting in Abuja the Federal Capital City (FCT) of Nigeria over the years.

In 2014, I applied for the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) when they did their recruitment exercise; those that applied for the job were told to pay the sum of N1, 000 for the form which we were told to bring the bank draft along as evidence to the exam center.

My center was at the National stadium in Abuja and the place was crowded. We all know what happened on that fateful day, the center was disorganized and the organizers were not prepared for such crowd, suffice it to say that a handful of people lost their lives that day. I later found out that only 400 jobs were available and over thousands of people applied for the job and paid the sum of N1000 each.

It is a known fact in Nigeria that some government agencies would ask for bribe and others 3 to 15years working experience thereby discouraging a fresh graduate from applying for a job when they are qualified.

Over the years, I have applied for jobs in several companies, organizations and government agencies without luck.

In Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) it is only the President or a Minister that can recommend someone for a job. In the Nigerian Civil Defense, I was asked to get a letter from a serving senator or minister in order to get the job pronto. To see how corrupt some agencies are it was reported in the Daily Sun Newspaper that was published on the 23rd of October 2015 that some people in the Nigerian Civil Defense gave a bribe of N300, 000 each to be promoted. Promotion is no longer on the basis of merit or experience but on bribery grounds.

The worse of all is the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), where they give what I would like to call “flash adverts” that is to say before a vacancy is advertised in the newspaper or the internet, the vacancy had already been filled and the advertisement is just a make-believe that there are vacancies. In every government agencies I have been to in Abuja in search for the elusive white collar job, I have observed that the Federal Character Commission do not represent the six geo-political zones equally which was the main aim and objective of setting up of the agency.

It is unfair that the Nigerian youth after spending four, five or six years in the University, tries to secure a job without hope but are asked to pay large sum of money, or asked to get a letter from a Senator or Minister while the jobs are given to those whose parents are rich or work for the government and most of them are not even qualified for the jobs..


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  1. Lord save us. It is only in this country to get a job is like finding d cure for cancer.
    They say go to school we went, don’t join boko haram, we didn’t. Now give us jobs, bring letter Frm Governor or pay outrageous sum of money. Lord help us o

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