Craig Turned Down $50 Million Deal, Here’s Why

Who says no to $50 million dollars? Well James Bond did and this time it was not bribery from one the offenders. James Bond 007, a British fictional secret agent character created in 1954, is the ideal classic man as he wears expensive suites, drives the latest Aston martins and women find him attractive, I would not call him a womanizer, though he has been with different women since 1954. The gadgets he uses are unique courtesy of “Q” his gadget engineer.

This year Sony approached Daniel craig, the actor who played James Bond in quantum of solace, sky fall and Spectre with a $5 million offer to use the Xperia Z4 in the movie Spectre. He turned down the offer; Sony increased the offer to $18 million dollars, which he also declined. Samsung then offered $50 million marketing and promotional package for the movie and $5 dollars placement fee for the spy to be seen using a Samsung-phone in the movie. Daniel and director Sam Mendes turned down this offer after judging the phones as too lackluster for bond.


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