Take a Look at the World’s Most Beautiful Airports

Travelling has always been part of human nature, humans are social beings hence the need to interact with one another through trade & social gatherings. Travel and transportation go hand-in-hand as advances in transportation aided travelling, making it faster and more accessible.

The earliest form of travelling was on foot, humans also discovered the use of sledges to transport heavy loads-the history of sledges can be traced to communities in northern Europe, close to the Artic regions in 7000 to 40000 BC. The domestication of cattle also aided humans in their quest to transport heavy material from one region to another.

Transportation has evolved over time from walking on foot, using sledges, wagons, riding on horses to the creation of diesel powered automobiles and airplanes during the Industrial revolution which drastically reduced the amount of time people spent to travel from one place to another.

Technological advancement led to the creation of aircrafts which has made travel faster and more enjoyable. Air travel has certain perks; the beauty of an airport, the facilities on offer, in-flight service goes a long way in contributing to good travel experience.  Architects do a great job in designing airports and though this might not be noticed by some of the 800,000 people travelling by air at any moment, the artistry employed is laudable and

Here we show you some of the most beautiful airports in the world in terms of design and ambience.

1. Wellington International Airport, Wellington, New Zealand.

The airport designed by Studio Pacific Architecture and Warren & Mahoney opened in 1959. Commonly referred to as The Rock, it is located in the capital city of Wellington. It’s a mesmerizing structure with a characteristic lounge encased in a mosaic of wooden panels.

Wellington Airport
2. Dubai International Airport, Dubai, UAE.

This beautiful edifice was designed by a leading name in the architectural space in Paul Andreu, Paul has other notable airport projects in Spain, Manila and not forgetting Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. The Dubai international airport opened its doors in 1960. A city known for its ever increasing tourist attractions, it’s only fitting it has a befitting airport to match.

3. General Cesareo L Berisso International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay.
The ‘Carrasco’ as it is better known was designed by Rafael Vinoly, a New York-based, Uruguayan-born architect. It has gained international acclaim for its new terminal which opened in 2009. The interior is inundated with daylight offering passengers a view of the landscape beyond and aircraft taking off and landing.


4. Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing, China.
One of the legacies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. The most beautiful feature of this airport is Terminal 3 which opened in 2008, it is two miles long and is one of the longest buildings in the world.


5. Bilbao Airport, Bilbao, Spain.
Located in the predominatly Basque region of Spain, the new main terminal opened 15 years ago and the structure which is very neo-futuristic in nature was designed by Santiago Calatrava. It has a distinctive feature thanks to the luminous white space inside, created by a combination of glass and white concrete.


6. Saint-Exupery Airport, Lyon, France.
Formerly known as the Lyon Satolas Airport, it was renamed in honour of aviation pioneer Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 2000 on the centenary of his birth. It is located in the third-biggest city in France and it consists of three terminals and two runways aligned north-south.


7. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang, Malaysia.
Designed by Kisho Kurukawa, this edifice opened in 1998. It is quite a simple and unique structure marked by a wooden-slat ceiling being held up by tapered beams.

8. Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan.
The Kansai airport is set on a man-made island measuring 4km by 2.5km in Osaka Bay. It was a very ambitious and expensive project embarked UPON due to reluctance or lack of available space to build a major new airport in Japan. It opened in 1995 and was designed to withstand earthquakes and typhoons. Kansai airport was named as one of the ten Civil Engineering monuments of the Millennium by the American Society of Engineers in 2001.


9. London Heathrow, London, England.
Heathrow is one of the most popular airports in the world and also the third-busiest. One of its new ultra modern terminals, Terminal 5 was designed by Richard Rogers and it opened in 2008. The terminal has a distinctive floor-ceiling view which adds to the magnetizing ambience it has on passengers.


10. O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA.
O’Hare opened in 1962. Its main terminals were designed by C. F Murphy and Associations. It has got a distinctive neon illuminated tunnel beneath the tarmac which connects Concourse B and Concourse C.


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