With $3 million funding, Hivemapper Wants to Improve Drone Navigation

The technology sector is so inspiring that with every new product or project new start-ups are founded, the white folks demonstrate this to be true with more white founders than blacks. The usage of drones have grown past for military use only, with easy access to drones the demand for drones have increased. Latest improve in eCommerce is the use of drones for fast delivery, but navigating drones do not sound as easy as it sounds, this is where Hivemapper come in.
Hivemapper described as the Waze for drones, landed $3 million in funding to improve its product. Founded in January 2015, Hivemapper is a mapping and navigation tool for drone fliers to plan better, explore further, and fly safer. We are mapping the entire earth for drone fliers and making the information easily accessible for all to use and contribute to across the web, mobile, and drones.

Flying drones is still much too complicated. Navigating your drone is like driving in a new city without Google maps. We are building the “Google Maps for drone fliers”. Imagine if Google maps was built from the perspective of flying drones (three-dimensional) rather than cars and pedestrians (two-dimensional). We are building a three-dimensional model of the earth with insane levels of detail about buildings, antennas, etc. and infusing the drone with this valuable information. Therefore, when you fly your drone will know exactly how many feet it is from a building or bridge, how far away it is from an amazing place of interest, and the height it needs to fly at to clear the antenna structure

With over 20 million buildings and antenna structures mapped with boundaries and heights and 15 million places of interest in the United States, Hivemapper is the leading source of information for drone fliers.
Excerpts from – hivemapper.com/about


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