5 Reasons Why Talent Plus Hard Work Minus Passion Equals Little Success

Talent Plus Hard Work Minus Passion is an inferior combination to success, I learnt this Having studied different successful persons; entrepreneurs, scholars, athletes etc. and discovered they all worked with the same combination to yielding the same results and whenever asked they said passion and hard work.

“All humans are not equal” one quote that is not entirely false but using that a yardstick to justify failure would be considered insubstantial because all humans irrespective their gender or color can attain successful heights treading on definite paths to success.

For success sake you have to lay out your goals and means to achieve it. Talent, Hard Work & Passion have to be in place to attain success. You have to understand:

Talent contributes 10% to your success quota: once you come to terms with this you are definitely on the right path.  I admit everyone has got talent and it differs, but those who rely solely on talent to get them through are mistaken because talent is skills which is barely enough to attain success.

Hard Work is a process: The second key to achieving great heights is only a process to get work done. When combined with talents you’ll know you are on the right path to creating something.

Hard Work could also mean busy doing nothing: Creating something is good but what exactly are you creating is the question I ask. Working from six to six is good but to what end.

Passion leads to determination: Determination meaning determination to succeed. How much do you thirst for success? If you thirst exceeds your talent, then you’d determined to work harder to satisfy the thirst.

Passion Equals Focus: Several career/self-help authors have addressed passion as key to focusing on everything you do and when combined with talent and hard work success in every way is inevitable.

The number of times you quit working on a project despite the large amount of time and hard work invested in it is based on facts that you worked with talent plus hard work minus passion. So, do not be deceived into believing you can achieve much without passion.


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