5 Things NB Readers Should Know About Nairabrains.com

Information found on the internet was put out there by someone for everyone. Today I put up this information for everyone.

So this is my official welcome to Nairabains post.

Let’s start with introductions; this is Nairabrains.com a blogsite launched to make a difference for we are about you and how we can help improve you daily following series of posts to guide you.

Nairabrains.com was founded in 2006 and our first blog post was in February 2008 on how to tap into the millions of the consultancy business {1}.

Naira to mean made in Naija for Nigerians and Brains to mean knowledge. We channeled our focus to a niche not very popular “Life Hack” as against the already crowded entertainment and news niches.

Andrew and Paul Eze founders of Ngcareers.com founded Nairabrains.com as a way to provide online help, tips and tricks to solving different challenges.

Guest contribution is always permitted at nairabrains but with certain rules. Most times guest contributors see submitting contents as means to promoting different products and services , we refer to this as content dumping and we do not permit it. If you are interested in submitting contents, please do so for our readers’ sake and not for promotion sake.

NB: Promotional contents are permitted but we have to be well informed of such contents.


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