How to Become the Most Productive Person on Earth

I love the concept of having a to-do list to aid your productivity and this article focuses a not so different tactic to improve productivity as did 3 Effective Ways to Improve Productivity – Have a Stress Free Day. The fun part of writing productivity articles is the fresh form(s) I learn each time I think productivity.

If you’ve met productive people you’d notice they never have spare time for anything not planned and you literally have to persist they grant you five minutes of their time which they may or may not decline.

Once you have the first 30 seconds of their attention you have another 30 seconds to drive your point (to make sense) else you’d be told to “reschedule”.

PERSISTENTENCE > SELF-CONTROL > DETERMINATION > FOCUS are four factors you must possess to be productive as being productive is not defined to every human being.

It is natural to lose focus almost every time of the day as distraction is all around. The ability to control self will go a long way in maintaining focus. What if 30 seconds of your day was stolen every 30 minutes? that would be 16 minutes gone to waste (say you are the 6 – 10 kind).

The Timetable.

You are expected to achieve twice as much each time to use and follow your timetable. How? By planning your daily routines in a timetable, starting from the time you wake up till you go to bed, detailing how you spend every minutes because it counts.

When you combine your already planned scheduled with your task list you’d be amazed how much you can achieve in a day.


Start out small: When drafting your timetable start out easy (beginner level), do not fill it with too much because you’d be making it difficult to keep up with the tasks and time frame.

Simple: Make your timetable layout simple and less clustered because mere glance at a clustered timetable will drive you nuts.

Reward: Reward yourself as self-appreciation for following the table and deprive yourself of certain things when you fail to meet up with the table.

Improve: Finally, improve your activities as you grow into using the table.

At first it may seem impossible but with the four factors above you should be on your way to being one of the most productive people on earth ;).



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