15 Very Important Things to Take With You to the NYSC Camp (For Youth Corpers)

So the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has just released the call up letter for the NYSC Scheme Batch B and as usual thousands of graduates from all across the country will be heading to various camps to commence the one year service to their fatherland.

We put together a list of important things everyone going to the NYSC camp should take with them.

1. Call-up letter

This is the official call-up letter given to you by the NYSC. You will be required to submit this at the camp.

2. Registration documents If you are a foreign graduate you should take along the original credentials you uploaded to the NYSC Portal for physical verification and evaluation.

3. NYSC green card

The NYSC green card is the first print out when you originally registered, before you printed your call-up letter, it contains your personal details and bio-data.

4. School ID card

You also need to take along your school ID card, so if you have lost it, you have to make another one.

5. Statement of result

The statement of result given to you by your university is also an important document to take along.

6. Photocopies of the Above Documents

Take 10 photocopies of all the above documents each so you can always submit if asked.

7. Passport Photographs

To be on the safe side take with you up to 20 passport photos in red background

8. Licenses For doctors, pharmacists, nurses and lab scientists, you need to take along your proof of certification.

This include their certificates of registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and for pharmacies with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.

9. White Round Neck T-shirts

The round-neck white t-shirt is an essential outfit in camp in fact in most camps it is the only item of clothing allowed for the duration of the camp.

You are expected to be given 2 t-shirts in the camp but it is always wise to go with a few of your own white round neck T-shirts so you don’t have to wash every other day

10. White Shorts

Same advice as for White Shirts

11. White sneakers and socks The white sneakers are a very important part of your camp outfit. You will be given a pair customized for NYSC, but they are usually of low quality. So it would be better if you could get your own extra pair and white socks too.

12. Rechargeable Flashlight

It is always handy to own a flashlight so you can find your way if it gets dark and there is shortage of power in the camp

13. Toiletries

In addition to number 11, 12 and 13 above you may also get bathroom slippers, padlocks (for keeping your bag and stuff safe) etc. All these can be bought however at the Mammy market usually found in almost every camp.


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