5 Most Voilent Cities in The World (You Should Think Twice Before Visiting any of Them)

These are cities where to survive you need to be very lucky, strong or both. If you ever have to go on a vacation we hope it is not in any of these cities.

1. Caracas, Venezuela


The capital of Venezuela, Caracas is a haven for voilent drug cartels. It is normal to get mugged and robbed in the streets. Travelling alone in this city is very risky

2. Cuernavaca, Mexico


Cuernavaca has overtaken Acapulco as Mexico’s most dangerous city and it is not abnormal to find dismembered body parts placed in individual bags scattered along the streets.

3. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


Ciudad Juarez is presently one of the most violent cities in Mexico. The city has a severe drug trafficking problem which can’t be put to a stop since drug cartels have infiltrated the police and government authorities.

4. Baltimore, Maryland


Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. It has been the scene of many shootings over the past two decades with more than 90% of the victims being African-American. 100 shootings were recorded in May 2015 alone.

5. Guatemala, Guatemala


The crime rate in the city of Guatemala is very high. In 2009, the city reported 101 murders per week on average, making Guatemala’s crime rate one of the highest in all of Latin America. Women and children from Guatemala are routinely taken from their homes to be exploited by criminal syndicates.


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