7 Categories Of Unemployed Graduates You’d Find In Nigeria

Apart from the fact that you can now take more than one meat from the pot without consequences, being an adult is hard. You’re expected to go to school, graduate, get a job and make plenty money.

The school part is hard. The getting a job part is even harder. If you’re in Nigeria today, you’d know there are hardly any jobs around. The hustle for the ones around is pretty tight.

These are the various categories of unemployed graduates you’d meet in Nigeria:


1.  The bad luck group

This group typically has people who often get invited for interviews but somehow never get the jobs. This group would typically search for jobs for years. Their village people are obviously doing them.


2.  Waiting on “my connect to click” gang

The members of this group have bought into the usual “send me your cv” line that every aunt and uncle tell their nieces and nephews when they’re serving. Them go wait tire!


3.  My father “get money” category

The people in this group are typically never unemployed for long. All it takes is one phone call and they’re working in CBN, NTA, EFCC and others. They can afford to lounge in their houses and press their phones as much as they want.

Image: Michael Poehlman/Corbis


4.  The “I’m too big for this job” set

The members of this group think too highly of themselves. They are forever carrying shoulders up and rejecting every job they get because the salary is too small. They’re forever wanting to earn 500k with no experience. And that is why they are unemployed.


5.  The “na MMM sure pass” crowd

These ones have given up on the job search and have funnelled all their savings into MMM. They are the ones doing plenty advert for MMM and wanting everyone to join so their payout would get bigger since they’ve been on MMM forever.


6.  My God will provide gang

People who have given up on the whole job thing out of frustration and are looking unto Jesus for the provision of a miracle job that pays millions.


7.  The fake Entrepreneurs

These people always claim to sell one thing or the other. They are always posting entrepreneurial quotes on IG but you’d never see a shop or even items for sale on their page.


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