7 Things You Need To Do Before 7AM

Not everyone is a morning person, but we try to wake up early and get ready for the day, A large number of successful people say they wake up early why even some like Michelle Obama wake up as early as 4am do as to have a productive day for both herself and her family.

You don’t have to wake up that early anyway, but you have to be ready for the day by 7am. The wee hours of the morning can be a good opportunity to  self-care, wellness, creativity, reflection even productivity. Here are seven things you can do before the clock strikes 7 a.m. to put your best foot forward.

1. Drink a glass of water 

Drinking water early in the morning has two core benefits: it boosts metabolism and hydrates the body. Drinking water early in the morning is important because it helps rehydrate the body, so as soon as you wake up you’ll feel energised. You should set a goal of doing this after you wake up, some experts eve suggest to drink a big glass of water so you can avoid feeling sluggish or tired and also to start the day with a cleansed system.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast

It can be hard to eat early in the morning, but research shows that nourishing your body first thing in the morning leads to lower body mass index, better memory, improved attention skills, and increased daily calcium and fibre intake. A full stomach in the morning makes it easier to pass up unhealthy snacks at work and I’ve noticed that people who eat breakfast are more productive at work in the morning.

3. Limit phone use

A majority of us, have the bad habit of checking our phones the minute we open our eyes. It is advised we give ourselves time to be fully present before we check our phones. If not we’ll fall prey to the reactive, response mode that all those notifications and alerts promote. Stay off social media, don’t check your email, ignore that text message alert. This allows your morning to be a way to set the tone for a brand new day.

4. Carve our 15-30 minutes for yourself

The best time to be creative is early in the morning (i learn that from my dad). Carving out 15-30 minutes of your time should be at the top of your to-do list.  Set aside 15 or 30 minutes every morning to do something just for you, just because you like to do it. Write, draw, paint, listen to your favourite playlist, practice French…whatever it is. If early morning is the only bit of “me time” you get before the rush of a busy day, use it to get your imagination revved up. Another option is to spend a few minutes reflecting before beginning your day. This could mean journaling or meditation.

5. Pack your lunch 

This can also be a challenge, but not only does it save money it can also help you eat healthily. Your lunch doesn’t have to be co plicated, but there are easy, healthy lunch recipes you can make in less than 30 minutes.

6. Make a to-do list

It’s easy to start the day with your head swimming with everything you need to do. Stop, take a break, and start writing. Be realistic about what you can accomplish and try to plan out your day.

7. Move your body

You should work out for at least 30  minutes every morning. It helps reduce stress, boost endorphins, stoke your metabolism and make you feel awesome. Whether it’s a quick run, a group fitness class, workout in the middle of your living room or just a quick walk outside, moving your body in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your morning.


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