How To Transfer Money Using Access Bank USSD SMS Code

Access Bank in partnership with Airtel Nigeria launched their USSD code for mobile transfers sometime ago and it’s very easy to use.

With this method you don’t even need to have Internet connectivity in order to transfer money to someone’s bank account.

How To Transfer Money Using Access Bank USSD SMS Code

The only requirement is that you have an activated and functional Airtel SIM Card.
You would have to follow the steps below from the phone containing the Airtel SIM to create Access Money Wallet. Any phone will do as you don’t even need a smartphone for this one.


  • Step 1 Dial *903#
  • Step 2 Enter First Name
  • Step 3 Enter Surname
  • Step 4 Enter Date of Birth DDMMYYY
  • Step 5 Select Gender
  • Step 6 Enter 1 to confirm registration information
  • You can also register at any Access Money agent
  • .

Change PIN:

  • Step 1 Dial *903#
  • Step 2 Select 8 My Wallet
  • Step 3 Select 2 Change PIN
  • Step 4 Enter old PIN
  • Step 5 Enter New PIN
  • Step 6 Re-enter New PIN
  • Step 7 SMS notification message

Deposit money into your Access Money Wallet at any Access Bank Branch,
Airtel Showroom or Access Money Mobile Money Agent near you.

Transfer Money to Access Bank account:

  • Step 1 Dial *903#
  • Step 2 Select 7 Bank
  • Step 3 Select 1 from Access money
  • Step 4 Select 2 To Access Bank account
  • Step 5 Enter beneficiary First name (i.e Ve-Kiel)
  • Step 5 Enter beneficiary Last name (Infotech Services)
  • Step 7 Enter NUBAN Account Number (i.e 0704944442)
  • Step 8 Enter Amount
  • Step 9 Enter beneficiary mobile number (i.e 08024062742)
  • Step 10 Enter PIN
  • Step 11 SMS notification message

That is all.

Once we receive the payment we will credit your account.
You can also click here to submit your payment details after the transfer to hasten the processing.

Also, you can transfer to a non Access Bank account, buy airtime and pay bills with your Access Money Mobile Wallet. You may visit Access Mobile Money to find out more about their services.


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