10 intriguing facts about Pretty Mike,the man who goes about with girls on dog chain

Popular Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike who is fond of stepping out to events with girls on a leash is the co-owner of Club Uno, formerly Q Club on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.


Below are 10 facts about Pretty Mike that will intrigue you.

Read below:


1 Pretty Mike’s real name is Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu.


2 He is 30 years old.


3 He is from a family of 9 – 7 boys and 2 girls.


4 He spent most of his life in Houston, Texas.


5 Pretty Mike studied Computer Engineering.


6 Pretty Mike runs Club Uno formerly known as Q Club alongside his elder brother, Frank ‘Don-Nero’ Nwogu.


7 He is currently in a serious relationship and hopes to marry this year.


8 He is also into transportation of textile. 9 Pretty Mike goes almost everywhere with an umbrella. 10 He is a die-hard fan of crazy parties with lots of women.


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