10 Really Annoying Things That Make Every Woman Wish She Was A Man

Being a woman is awesome.
You get to look and smell amazing and be all round fabulous. Womanhood does have its perks, but sometimes it can be a drag and looks like guys have all the fun. Here are some things that happen to women and make you instantly wish that you could be a guy for even 10 minutes.


1. When you get your period
Worst thing ever.


2. All the stress that you go through to get your hair done
The cost of hair products and maintenance. Ugh!


3. Also having to wear makeup, especially to important functions
Men are so lucky they don’t have to buy makeup products and spend time getting their winged liner on fleek.


4. When you’ve had a bra on for hours
Taking the bra off feels really amazing sha.


5. Or you try to run when you’re not wearing a sports bra

6. The stress of getting ready and picking an outfit

7. And counting calories so you don’t gain weight
Because body shamers are everywhere.



8. Having to deal with catcalling and unwanted sexual advances

9. Peeing in a public toilet
You just wish you were engineered to stand instead.


10. And all the amazing perks that being a man in Nigeria gets you.
Nobody judges you for not knowing how to cook or clean, and nobody judges you by your marital status. Even though you know men get all these perks because of patriarchy. It must be really nice to have such freedom.


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