4 Things You Didn’t Know About Singer Di’Ja Very Secret Wedding


Di’Ja has been taking her time with the information she releases to the public about her family and indeed, about her very secret wedding.

Two years after the wedding which took place in 2015, very little details of the wedding are known by the public.

However, we can help you with four things you may not have known about the wedding.


1. Di’Ja was pregnant prior to the wedding which half explains all the secrecy behind the nuptials.


2. The wedding took place in Kaduna state.


3. The wedding was such a well-kept secret that the official photographer for the event travelled all the way to Kaduna for the wedding without knowing who the bride was.


4. The four different outfits the singer rocked on her wedding were designed by Maureen Okogwu-Ikokwu, niece of Nigeria’s former first lady, late Mrs Maryam Babangida.


Henry Oji, the official photographer that captured moments from Di’ja’s 2015 secret wedding says “One of the highlights of 2015 was documenting Di’ja’s wedding.


 “I’ve never had to do a wedding in recent times without knowing who the bride was till we got to Kaduna.

“She looked absolutely beautiful. God bless you Di’ja though, trusting us with your big day. God bless your calm husband and handsome son.”



Di’ja has previously explained in an exclusive interview with LIB, that she keeps most of her family life, especially when it comes to her husband, to herself, not to be secretive but because that’s the kind of person she is.

Guess she is having a rethink after all.


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