7 Ways To Know A Nigerian Party Has Ended

There’s no party like a Nigerian party to be very honest.


We throw the best parties ever and there’s no going back on that. From weddings to burials to birthdays to just about any parties because we can, we have grade A1 in all of them. But eventually, how do you know a Nigerian party is over? Well, here are a few things to look out for.

1. When the asoebi ladies have removed the gele and have slippers on

Once you see that gele off their head and they’re wearing slippers, then it’s time to take your leave.


2. When the event planner starts removing the decor

We honestly don’t know why you’ll still be at a party till then but if you see the event planner removing the tablecloth and one hall manager asking people to pack chairs, then you should know it’s time to say bye bye.


3. When they start paying Shina Peters and 90s music

Once you hear music from Shina Peters or King Sunny Ade or any of those 90s stars, then it’s time to start packing your bag and go home. Whether it’s afrojuju or highlife, just be going.


4. When the DJ turns off the music

Again, we don’t know why you should be there till then but if the DJ has packed his own bag to go, then you should follow suit because you are not the organizer.


5. When the daddies gather at one table to talk about Nigeria

Once you see them, just go home. They just gather at one table with the rest of the food and drinks and make loud noises about who is making mistakes in the government.



6. When the generator goes off for at least twenty minutes

Anything after twenty minutes is indirectly telling you to pack ya things and be going to ya house. So wyd?



7. When the food has finished

If you ever go to a party and you hear food has finished, then it’s time to start going home oh. That implies the party has ended or there wasn’t even a party in the first place. Whatever it is, just go home.


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