Amazing Actions of 5 Most Frightening Criminals in Nigeria

1. Lawrence Anini

Lawrence Anini who terrorised Benin City in the 1980s;

– He once escaped a police chase by driving in reverse from Agbor in Delta State to Benin City, Edo

2. Derico Nwamama

– Derico terrorised Anambra with the help of lawmakers and an LG chairman.
– He killed over 100 cops

3. Shina Rambo (now Pastor Matthew Oluwanifemi)

– ran away from home at age 7 after his soldier dad tried to kill him for assembling his gun
– spent 11 years in jail before he was given an executive pardon for good behaviour
– Is believed to have once escaped a police chase from Ibadan to Lagos on reverse
– Killed the 9 herbalists who performed bloody and severe rituals for him to gain spiritual powers so that no one could know his secrets

4. Ishola Oyenusi

– He never finished secondary school but called himself a Doctor
– 30,000 people watched him die by firing squad
– He became Nigeria’s first celebrated criminal

5. Godogodo

– Spent 7 years in jail for fighting
– Came out angry and vowed to punish policemen; he killed over 100 cops in his crime life


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