Here’s How You Can Get Married In 5 Months Using Social Media

Dokun Olumofin is the brother to popular Instagram ”psychologist” and Popular Lagos socialite, Joro Olumofin.


He recently made a list of the things that the single ladies who want to get a ring in 2017, can do to get hitched in 5 months.  The list had us like:

But we decided to show you and see what you think! Here’s the list.

1. You must have a professional photographer

As per paparazzi that will help you slay on Instagram.


2. You must post bible quotes


3. You must post ‘classy’ and ‘decent’ pictures at least four times a week

4. Recommended Instagram Bios:  Virgo,  Lawyer, Lover of Life, Super Chef/Cook, Christian or Muslim, Independent Woman, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United Lover

We hope you’re taking note oh.


5. You must have one beautiful Aso Ebi Picture

Remember the professional photographer? Make sure he takes the picture of you.

6. You must post a baby picture with the caption: ‘I love children’

In order to appear motherly.


7. Follow very few male celebrities

You don’t have to follow them, to stalk them anyway. *wink*


8. If a man you admire, like your picture, send him a DM immediately



9. Mingle with older women

We’re really not sure what the point of this is sha.


10. You must have an attractive picture of food on your page

Even if you didn’t cook it, just snap it. Don’t forget the hashtags!


11. You must have one video of you twerking

If you can’t twerk and you want to get married in five months, better go and learn.


12. You must have one picture of your parents on your page

Again, we don’t understand what this has to do with seizing the bae.


13. Change your bio picture regularly

So they can see your different levels of slay.



14. Attack or insult your crush on social media to get his attention

We thought only primary school kids did this o.


15. You must have an office picture, or a picture showing what you do

So they can see that you’re a professional.


If you try it and get a ring, share your testimony with us and invite us for Owambe o. Don’t say we never did anything nice for you.


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