Top weird and well-paid jobs in the world

Sometimes instead of rushing to the top famous and expensive University in your town, it is better to monitor the job market and be surprised that your Diploma with honours is a completely unnecessary thing. Just look out the window, see how the world has changed and how many new, sometimes weird, but still well-paid jobs are there.

Dog food tasters

Dog food tasters are hired by pet food companies to test the quality of their products. They also evaluate the nutritional value, and usually spit out the food once they taste it. Instead of tasting dog food, you could go helping your neighbours with walking out their dogs.

Professional line-standers

These special people come to rescue those hating to stand in long queues. They are especially helpful during Black Friday rushes and Christmas holiday shopping. The salary of such specialist varies and it is possible to make up to $1,000 a week!

Face feelers

Face feelers, also known as ‘sensory scientists,’ are a specially-trained people whose main purpose is to check the effectiveness of lotions and face creams with their hands. Though they work part-time, they make much money and are paid up to $25 per hour. Skin care specialists are in high demand nowadays and they are also paid well enough. So consider an option of becoming a beauty specialist.

Fortune cookies writer

Have you heard of cookies with predictions? Did you wonder that there must be someone writing those creative sentences? And there are people whose job is about such things as writing your fortune notes and sending them to you inside cookies. If you don’t feel confident with writing, but are fond of preparing food, then it seems like the right time to become a cook!

Professional bridesmaids

If you got no one who could become a perfect fit to be your bridesmaid or you just want a super-festive holiday, these girls are the ones to guarantee you that. Moreover, if you possess a super charisma and are not afraid of communicating with people, you yourself can make it your profession. The salary varies from $300 to $1,000 per one wedding. Nevertheless, if you do like weddings and organizing celebration of such kind, find event manager jobs on Jiji and do not hesitate to apply right away!


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