How Can I Discipline My Teenager?

THE CHALLENGE The family rule is cell phones off by 9:00 p.m., but twice this week you caught your daughter texting past midnight. Your son’s curfew is 7:00 p.m., but last night—once again—he came home after 9:00. Your teenager can do better. But first you need to know why… Read More

Best Laptop Brands in 2016

  When trying to purchase a laptop, brands really matter. It is important to know about the manufacturer when considering to purchase. This rating is based on seven categories; Design, Reviews, Tech Support, Warranty, Software, Innovation, and Value and Selection. Design: this has to do with… Read More

What is MTN Hynet All About?

Someone told me about MTN Hynet, i wondered what it was all about. MTN Hynet is ideal for small and medium sized business that requires high speed internet connectivity for multiple groups of staff. With no limit to download, MTN Hynet is very suitable for… Read More