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Delegation in Management: Trusting Your People to Perform at High Levels of Responsibility

Many business people even when they don’t show it find it difficult to trust big amounts of work responsibility to their employees. They fear something might go terribly wrong if they let the junior staff be in control. And so the customer care attendant is given no responsibility or directives to replace a bad product… Read More »

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Fighting the Sharks in Established Markets

Playing the little fish in a market full of giant, greedy sharks is never an enviable position. However if you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight for market share with companies that are better funded it may well be a blessing in disguise. Readiness of surplus cash has proved to be… Read More »

Employee Retention Strategies: How To Keep Your Best Workers

Despite the economic recession of recent times there has never been a time of lower employee retention as workers move rapidly between firms in search of greater fulfillment and perhaps income. Once we had to recruit a few new hands in our company. We advertised the vacancies and were surprised to see quite some applicants… Read More »

7 Important Systems to Building a Hugely Profitable Business

Business activities are becoming more and more systemized. If you intend to grow your startup company into one that will proudly post millions in profits after tax annually you had better start setting up the necessary systems to actualize that. No matter how small or big your business is there are about seven strategic systems… Read More »

8 Must Read Books For Every Start-up Entrepreneur

Setting out on a new venture as an entrepreneur has its challenges. Consulting the ideas of successful entrepreneurs before you will go a long way in helping you get prepared As entrepreneurism goes, finance, personnel management, marketing are some of the cardinal points an entrepreneur has to grasp even if at the basic level. Reading… Read More »

Make Money Providing Cheap Creative Advertising Solutions to Small and Medium Scale Businesses

In every locality small businesses will welcome any help that will make them sell more of their goods and services. Providing creative advertising and marketing solutions to the businesses in need of them but with little marketing budgets is good opportunity. This entails creatively coming up with ways the small and medium businesses can get… Read More »


Consultancy is perhaps the single biggest earner in the selfemployment business. It embraces diverse areas such as marketing, public relations, security, health, fitness, interior decoration, managemnet, self-improvement, general business and goes on and on. A person can usually set up shop as a consultant in one area or at most two.More is definitely not wise.… Read More »