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3 Tips to Help You Choose a Powerful Company or Business Name

For those who consider the name of their business or company unimportant they should have a rethink. If you are starting a business one of the most important things to consider is publicity. You definitely will want prospective customers to know about your business. You will prefer that customers remember your business above and before… Read More »

The New Way of Business: Why All Serious Companies Need a Mobile Strategy

This is a Guest post from Monica Paul of Marcomtec Group, a new media marketing services company that focuses on firms in the IT sector. New media and communication innovations have changed the way people interact and work in today’s world. Take the example of the woman who is responsible for managing a department in… Read More »

Is Your Business ISO Certified? 3 Benefits of ISO Certification for Your Business

This is a guest post from Laura Jennings of Fountain Partnership Ltd. To guest post on NairaBrains send mail to: info[a] ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for business quality management. It is a certification that is awarded once your company’s internal processes meet a certain standard. They include but are not limited to… Read More »

YouWin Initiative: N50 Billion Business Funding Opportunity for Nigerian Youths

YouWIN short for Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria is a N50 billion Federal Government job creation initiative headed by Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria’s Minister of Finance. It is a collaboration between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communication Technology (CT), and the Ministry of Youth Development. YouWIN is an annual business… Read More »

Three (3) Dangers of Starting a Cyber Cafe Business (Why You Should Consider Other Business Options)

Some few years ago cyber cafes were springing up everywhere across the country. Despite the high cost of getting internet service from the ISPs cyber cafes still made some nice profits as many persons took to the new fad of daytime and even night browsing. The yahoo boys contributed to keeping cyber cafes busy as… Read More »

How to Get Your Business Name Registered in Nigeria with Less Stress

Some months ago I was surprised when a relatively educated small business owner asked me how he could go about registering his business name. He expressed the fear that several persons he had asked for help looked like they were out to fleece him of his hard earned money. They mentioned tens of thousands of… Read More »

Strategies to Effectively Manage Facilities for Your Business

If you manage a traditional brick and mortar business you will be aware that there are plenty of duties to carry out, from HR to changing that light bulb down in accounts.  They can range from large scale, annual tasks, to small, activities that need to be carried out on a regular basis. You will… Read More »

One Unpopular Reason Why Businesses Fail: More Planning Less Action

Everywhere on the net reasons have been alluded to why businesses fail after a couple of years or even months. We see the most popular reason as insufficient capital. Why, businesses do not need bucket loads of cash to survive the first five years do they? Cash, good and helpful as it may seem to… Read More »

The New Way of Business: Developing Strong Internal Creativity and Responsibility at the Workplace

In the days of the Industrial age work was monotonous. There was nothing different to be expected. As a worker you had to follow some rigid patterns at the assembly plant of the organization you work for never attempting to deviate. It didn’t matter whether you hated doing the same monotonous work all over again… Read More »

Delegation in Management: Trusting Your People to Perform at High Levels of Responsibility

Many business people even when they don’t show it find it difficult to trust big amounts of work responsibility to their employees. They fear something might go terribly wrong if they let the junior staff be in control. And so the customer care attendant is given no responsibility or directives to replace a bad product… Read More »

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Fighting the Sharks in Established Markets

Playing the little fish in a market full of giant, greedy sharks is never an enviable position. However if you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight for market share with companies that are better funded it may well be a blessing in disguise. Readiness of surplus cash has proved to be… Read More »

Employee Retention Strategies: How To Keep Your Best Workers

Despite the economic recession of recent times there has never been a time of lower employee retention as workers move rapidly between firms in search of greater fulfillment and perhaps income. Once we had to recruit a few new hands in our company. We advertised the vacancies and were surprised to see quite some applicants… Read More »