Lenovo New VIBE Smartphones [REVIEW]

The Mobile phone brand LENOVO unveiled a new phone series called the LENOVO VIBE Smartphones. Phones in the LENOVO VIBE Smartphones series released are Lenovo VIBE P1m and Lenovo VIBE S1. The VIBE series of phones feature premium design, powerful processors, full high definition displays… Read More

10 Ways To Spot a Lie: Expert Tips

Having full knowledge of when a person is lying or not isn’t the easiest of things as humans are much unpredictable. But research has shown that there are several methods to tell a lie from the truth and this thesis where derived from detecting similar… Read More

3 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed

You’ve likely heard that you shouldn’t eat after 6pm or, is it 7pm? So-called fitness experts would like you to believe that everything you consume after that “magical” time will quickly be turned into belly fat. Essentially, the widely-held belief is that eating after this… Read More