Google Launches a Start up in Nigeria: Get Nigerian Businesses online

Recently Google has been strengtening its operations in Africa and particularly Nigeria. It has organised various seminars and workshop in the country and has likewise launched Services like Google Baraza. The most recent of the efforts if Get Nigerian Businesses Online which it launched in association with Ecobank and MTN. According to Google: “Google… Read More »

How to Use Competitions in Social Media as a Tool for Strategic Promotion and Branding Of Your Business

The case study for this article was a recent competition put up by Mohits Records, the record label run by the flamboyant producer Don Jazzy. The Oliver Twist dance competition” was developed to promote and brand the single “Oliver Twist” released by Moltis most popular artiste, Dbanj. The competition entailed participants recording a video of… Read More »

Three (3) Dangers of Starting a Cyber Cafe Business (Why You Should Consider Other Business Options)

Some few years ago cyber cafes were springing up everywhere across the country. Despite the high cost of getting internet service from the ISPs cyber cafes still made some nice profits as many persons took to the new fad of daytime and even night browsing. The yahoo boys contributed to keeping cyber cafes busy as… Read More »

How Facebook is helping Google Plus grow bigger

For the past three months the social media world has been shaken with the launch of Google’s social project Google Plus (G+), though the media hype has died down a bit, the online social giant Facebook is still panicking and looking over its shoulder. Within Last week and early this week Facebook has made so… Read More »

Why ClickSearch Nigeria is a Bad Online Advertising Option and What They Need to Do to Improve

The new fad in Nigeria’s online business space is the business of advertising platforms. Following from the success of Google’s adsense program and relative success of other advertising platforms like Chitika, several Nigerian internet business are beginning to offer online advertising services. A buyer pays them to list his ads in various websites, forums and… Read More »

Seminar Promotion Strategies: How to Get a Full House for Your Next Seminar

If you are a seminar promoter or have a business where you run seminars to help bring in revenue, here are some well researched and practical ideas to help you get above average attendance for your next seminar. 1. Refine Your Seminar Product: one of the greatest sins of seminar promotion is to have no… Read More »

How to Get Your Business Name Registered in Nigeria with Less Stress

Some months ago I was surprised when a relatively educated small business owner asked me how he could go about registering his business name. He expressed the fear that several persons he had asked for help looked like they were out to fleece him of his hard earned money. They mentioned tens of thousands of… Read More »

Three Best Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria

Making reasonable income from the internet as a Nigerian has always been a battle. This is hugely to the blacklisting of the country by major e-commerce and online business media owing to activities of online spammers and con artists. Still Nigerians are hardworking and relentless people and many have struggled to find ways to earn… Read More »

Four Ways to Get the Best Result From Your Facebook Marketing

This article written with help of research results from a report (Engagement and Interaction: a Scientific Approach to Marketing by Momentus media. We have isolated four strategies to improve the results of your facebook marketing backed by results and facts from the Momentus report. • Post Your Updates At The Best Time: From the results… Read More »

5 Places to Get Funding and Credit Facility for Your Business

The challenge of raising capital for a new business always is a big headache for many starting entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The banks have become a no-go area because of the ‘killing’ interest rate and of course near total unwillingness to give loans to untested businessmen who don’t have enough collateral. If you are faced with… Read More »

Nigeria’s Five Richest Stockholders

While the Nigerian stock market may not really be worth the trillions of dollars of say the New York Stock Exchange it has come a long way and can boast of many billionaires and multimillionaires. Here are the lists of Nigeria’s richest shareholders who make their money racking up shares. Several of them made theirs… Read More »

Church Marketing and Promotion: A Growing Phenomenon in Nigeria and What Companies Can Learn from Churches

The idea for this article came when sometime ago, a Pastor friend of mine called me for a little chat. His young church was barely two years old and was not doing badly. He sat me down and told me point-blank that he needed help with growing his church and was thinking of starting a… Read More »

Strategies to Effectively Manage Facilities for Your Business

If you manage a traditional brick and mortar business you will be aware that there are plenty of duties to carry out, from HR to changing that light bulb down in accounts.  They can range from large scale, annual tasks, to small, activities that need to be carried out on a regular basis. You will… Read More »

Exclusive Invites: A New Way to Gain Quick Publicity for Media StartUps

Two weeks ago, if you wanted to access Google Plus, you were out of luck—unless you had an exclusive invite. The same is true for Spotify, the European music-sharing service that landed on U.S. shores last week. These days, getting access to some of the hottest social media spaces is like bumping up against a… Read More »