G-Nigeria 2011 Focus on Google web and mobile tools

Google is meeting with Nigeria’s software developers, tech businesses and digital marketeers. With a successful G-Nigeria 2010, we look forward to demonstrating the Google web and mobile tools that are driving technological and business innovation here in Africa and across the globe. The tech event will be for Software Developers and Technology Entrepreneurs & Marketing… Read More »

Opium Marketing: How to Use the Power of Free Offers to Boost Business Sales

Everywhere you turn there are free offers. Almost every website hoping to sell something to us offers a free e-book or CD. People have never stopped loving free things especially when they are good. Free offers remains one of the best ways to attract new potential customers to a business. However for your free offer… Read More »

How to find a Job through your Church

Job searching has gone beyond just applying to vacancies displayed on newspapers, online job boards or local recruitment agencies. These days with increasing competition for very few available jobs, you need to apply out-of-the-box strategies to quickly land a good job without hassle. Today am exposing a very common but often overlooked recruitment ground that… Read More »

Business Leadership Series: How To Develop the Ability to Think On Your Feet

As an entrepreneur taking quick business decisions with insufficient facts doesn’t come easy. Yet you will encounter such situations in the course of doing business when such decisions will have to be made. You will have to make do with fast thinking. Here are tips to help you do that better; Making Business Decisions are… Read More »

Community Based Marketing: A Smart Corporate Alternate to Wasteful Advertising

In some parts of the world few businesses have actually attempted to tap into the possibilities in community marketing- a concept of marketing targeting members of various communities (virtual and physical) in an effort to bond them with the particular firm and its business offerings. Community marketing removes the distance factor and brings a business… Read More »

How to Get What You Want by Applying the Carnegie Lessons

Several years ago while still new in college I read Dale Carnegie’s timeless work ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ but didn’t realize the importance of the lessons in personal life until almost a year later. I needed money badly and wrote my uncle twice for money without success. I called on the phone… Read More »

Delegation in Management: Trusting Your People to Perform at High Levels of Responsibility

Many business people even when they don’t show it find it difficult to trust big amounts of work responsibility to their employees. They fear something might go terribly wrong if they let the junior staff be in control. And so the customer care attendant is given no responsibility or directives to replace a bad product… Read More »

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Fighting the Sharks in Established Markets

Playing the little fish in a market full of giant, greedy sharks is never an enviable position. However if you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight for market share with companies that are better funded it may well be a blessing in disguise. Readiness of surplus cash has proved to be… Read More »