Living Things!: 5 of the Hottest ‘Big Boys’ 9ice Praised in his song ‘Living Things’

Social media was buzzing few weeks  back following the controversy between singer Falz and 9ice after the former cautioned fellow artistes to stop praising and glorifying fraudsters in their songs, and many quickly grabbed it was about 9ice‘s most recent song ‘Living things’.

In the song, 9ice used their code word ”Chache” and went on to shower praises on some names which many claim are the Yahoo boys and wire wire boys.

However, 9ice responded by saying he was not praising or mentioning fraudsters,rather he was praising hard working socialites.

Well, below are some of the popular socialites he praised in his song ”Living Things”.


Hushpuppi isn’t a strange name to many as a day doesn’t go by without him being in the headlines. He’s either spending millions in a night club or bragging about his massive wealth on his snapchat account.

Hushpuppi is known for his love for luxury. If he’s not decked out in a Gucci outfit, it’s a Versace outfit or a Louis Vuitton Attire.

Hushpuppi’s massive wealth has left many wondering “Which work does he do”, Which has left many to conclude he’s into fraud A.K.A ‘Yahoo yahoo’.

Well we might never know what Hushpuppi does for a living, but we do know he’s a hustler, flambouyant spender and lives the good life.


Self-titled “street lion”, Baddy Oosha has been referenced by not a few Nigerian entertainers—name-checked on different occasions by those whom his generous pockets have flowed to.

Badmus Akeem O. first got showered with praises in 2012 when rapper Reminiscerapped on smash hit 2 Mushh. Olamide, Lil Kesh, Small Doctor and most recently, 9ice are among the few who have name dropped the Malaysia-based socialite on their songs.

Baddyosha recently delved into acting as he featured in Toyin Aimakhu’s most recent movie, ‘Alakada Reloaded’.


Opa6ix isn’t also a stranger to the game, he’s been around for a while and asserted his prominence as a flamboyant spender.

Born Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun, Opa 6ix is also a lover of luxurious things, and a quick peep through his Instagram shows he lacks none.

Opa 6ix has extended his charity towards music. Reminisce once rapped his praise: “Shout out si awon omo ni Malay waya waya, Opa 6ix” on 2Mushh. Street pop artiste Small Doctor also had thankful heart on Uzobu off his Omo Iya Teacher sophomore album.



Mompha is a Business tycoon and lover of luxury. He is the CEO of Mompha Bureau De change Lagos island.

Mompha never shies away from showing off his wealth on his Instagram page. Checkout his photos below:



Investor Bj like the others, doesn’t shy away from showing off his massive wealth on Instagram. A quick peep through his page shows he’s lover of luxury like the others.


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