Advantages Of Being Self-Employed

It’s safe to say that anyone who has ever worked in an office or another workplace has considered becoming self-employed. However, many people still don’t know the answer the the question: “What is self employment?” or are scared of major changes in your life. Find out why you should change your career and how you’ll benefit from it.

1. Your own schedule

When no one controls when you arrive to work and leave the office, your working hours can happen whenever you want. Of course, while your business is still establishing, you may turn out to work even more than you did at the office, but you’re free to choose when to work and when to rest.


2. Control

One of the main things you find out while researching how to be self employed is that once you start your own business, you’re going to be in charge of how well it’s going. Sure, it can also be a disadvantage, since you won’t have anyone else to blame for failures, but the success will be entirely your own as well.

3. Bigger income

As a salaried employee, your income is limited by your contract and what you employer is ready to pay you. This is a totally different story for self employed workers, as your financial success is only limited by your ability to conduct business and how many hours you devote to work.


4. Fulfillment

As a self employed person, you set goals and objectives every day, and once you reach them, you get a feeling of fulfillment that you would never get as an employee at another company, simply because there is always someone in an office you have to share your spotlight with.


5. Possibilities

Most company employees, no matter how great their careers look at the moment, have quite limited options of where their career can go – after all, they are not likely to become the CEO of their company. You, on the other hand, can set new and new goals for your career with zero limits.

6. Convenience

In most cases with self employment, you can do most of your work without leaving your home. For example, you can successfully lead a business on Jiji, posting appealing ads and attracting new customers with nothing more but your computer. Let Jiji take your business to another level!

7. Time off work

While working for someone else, sick leaves and especially maternity leaves are a tough topic, as you need to put a lot of effort into explaining your reasons to be absent from work. Being your own CEO means that you can simply inform your clients that you are taking a leave and not owe anyone an explanation.

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