3 Keys To Brilliant Selling in Business

3 Keys To Brilliant Selling in Business

In Business, selling is the single most important thing to keep the company alive. Whether it’s products you are selling or services you’ll only remain in business if you exchange enough of them for money.

There is something about selling that costs many businesses profits they otherwise should have made. That is failing to sell brilliantly. Brilliant selling is a combination of selling strategies aimed at reducing the cost incurred when you sell your products and services thus maximizing profits accrued from the selling process.

The selling process of any competitive business firm should be such that only a reasonable cost is incurred in order to sell. Here are three keys to selling brilliantly and profitably;

a) Focus It: In an earlier business article I stressed the importance of Focus Marketing. In trying to get consumers for your goods and services it is important that you do not make the mistake of trying to spread out too far and try to reach everybody. The cost you incur in doing that will make whatever sales you get insignificant. Unless you have a marketing budget in the billions you’d be digging a hole for your business trying to reach everybody.

Focusing your selling is one brilliant way of reducing your costs and maximizing your profits. If you are selling baby wears and products for example, maybe it’s time to get your team to come up with a cost effective way of targeting the real market for your goods-mothers. Focusing your marketing and selling on the target audience would pay you better both in the short and long term run. That is why most mail order businesses prefer to rent or buy mailing lists containing exactly the kind of people their products are meant for rather than send out mails randomly.

b) Attract Bees To the Honey: Attraction is a powerful force in business. Brilliant businessmen know how to attract prospective customers to their business. To attract people you’ll have to come up with an irresistible offer or give some valuable offer away for free. The free thing still works if you know how to come up with a unique offer. When I launched one of my information products on the net, teaching job seekers how to get the jobs they want I also packaged an entirely free version of the e-book for interested visitors. Thousands of that free e-book was requested and downloaded and quite a reasonable number followed up to buy the main thing. Though that was on a small scale, you’ll do your business a lot of good if you come up with a low cost way of attracting thousands of prospective customers or clients to your business. Your next headache will then be how to convert and hold them as loyal customers after that.

c) Build exclusivity: When you sell brilliantly you’ll need to learn that one magical way of getting thrice the profit of your products through exclusivity. Creating mega-hyped sense of exclusivity around their products and services is what makes companies sell a product or service at more than 1000% of what it ordinarily can be sold for. Take the example of the coveted 36 Ferrari GTOs, the only ones that were ever built between 1962 and 1964. There is a once-in-every five years Moet & Chandon Tour to celebrate these rare breed of cars. That is not message. The message is that these cars became so much hyped and famed that according to Men’s Vogue magazine each was worth up to $20 million. That is the power of hype and exclusivity. The degrees of exclusivity varies and no matter what business you are in you can come up with some form of an attractive crowd pulling exclusive offer.

A brilliant selling or marketing strategy for your company will be better off with a mix of the 3 keys .And don’t forget, to sell brilliantly is to minimize costs attached to selling and marketing and maximizing profits from sales.

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