4 Signs That You are in a Nigerian Hospital

If you ever fall sick and have to be in a Nigerian hospital we pray you have a good experience. Nigerian hospitals are unique and when you have any reason to visit a Nigerian hospital it is always guaranteed to be different from what is obtainable in more advanced economies.

These things make you understand you are in a Nigerian hospital;

1. That strong smell of IZAL

When you step into a Nigerian hospital, especially public ones, you can never run away from the strong smell of IZAL. It’s like almost all of them made a decision to use IZAL, a strong smelling disinfectant to clean their environment. Sometimes the smell is nauseating

2. You May Even Collapse Waiting for a Doctor

God help you in many hospitals if you need to see a doctor or specialist. You are guaranteed to waste hours in a Nigerian hospital from filling a form/getting a card to seeing a doctor, running a test and even getting your drugs. You may wait long for almost anything.

3. The Receptionist Would Rather Watch Television

Don’t be surprised if the receptionist you meet in a hospital keeps you waiting just to watch one interesting scene in the African movie showing on the TV in the reception room before attending to you. Asides handing you forms to fill or filling in information on the electronic file system the hospital receptionist will likely be found watching one Nigerian movie or the other.

4. The Doctor Knows What is Wrong With You

Most doctors automatically match symptoms with malaria and typhoid, and so they rush diagnosis without taking basic tests. The patients, who are most times too scared to disagree with the doctor, just agree with the diagnostics and eventually go back when the treatment does not cater to the problem.

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