5 Celebrity Couples Who are Married and Work Together Professionally

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  1. Jane says:

    Marriage should be an enduring institution and should be treated with all sanctity. Very timely and truly stated article with the alarming rate of divorce in the industry and indeed in the world today.

  2. saidu s. awak says:

    Nice and well-written article on people in the entertainment industry. A profession with a highly volatile and transient relationships. Keshi has picked out really lovely couples and made them superb icons and couples to emulate. This writer has an eye, or should i say, “a pen” that would grace the journalistic industry.

  3. LIV says:

    Alright. Eventhough I have no idea who the 4th couple are though…

  4. akodo lynda says:

    This is really nice because divorce is really on the rise especially with celebrity couples

  5. Benita Daniels says:

    Nice one. When there is mutual respect btw partners, a marriage can weather through anything.
    Marriage is first and foremost partnership.

  6. Patience says:

    Mazel tov to you Anwuli. Now this is what it means to be married not what d so called celebrities are doing

  7. Anwuli Keshi says:

    Hopefully there would be one @ Mr Rasheed

  8. Anwuli Keshi says:

    Thanks everyone

  9. Henrietta says:

    Very nice and entertaining write up. Wish other celebrity couples would learn from them

  10. Rasheed says:

    Nice! I hope there will be a follow up that will try to link similar traits, common with these celebrity couples featured in this article, that have made it possible for their marriage to survive the usual fragile and short relationship associated with elite celebrities.

  11. Lolipop says:

    Lovely article! Keep it coming

  12. TA says:

    Marriage is about understanding. Probably working for them

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