6 Simple Safety Precautions To Take When There’s A Flood Nobody Has Told You

We care about our readers deeply, so we’re sharing some safety precautions you can take if your area is flooded. Stay safe!

1. Be alert!

Monitor what’s going on around you. Watch the news for updates, and check weather reports.

2. Don’t drive

Do not drive unless you absolutely have to. If you drive, make sure your car has enough fuel. Follow routes that are not really flooded, and be vigilant. If your car stops or the water rises around your car, leave the vehicle and climb to safety.

3. Turn off the electricity in your home

When there’s a flood, you should turn off the electricity to avoid electrocution.

4. Don’t walk through the flood

If the flowing water is above your ankles, stop and go another way. If the water is moving very fast, even 6 inches of water can sweep you off your feet and kill you.

5. Protect your property

Move your valuables and important items to higher ground. Make sure you disconnect all electrical appliances.

6. Assemble supplies just in case

Make sure you gather a few essential items such as drinking water, food, money and important documents in case of an emergency.

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