9 Easy Ways To Have Maximum Fun In NYSC Camp – Everyone Needs To Try Number 6

NYSC camp buzzing again. It’s that time of the year again when graduates are posted to various states all over the country to serve their fatherland. It starts off with a period of two-three weeks in an orientation camp where a para-military training is given to these graduates (By now, we take it you already have all these essentials to take to camp)

And if you’re going to camp, here’s some piece of interesting advice you should adhere to

1. Smile and be ready for small talk

Smile at people and be ready for some small talk at any given time of the day. Helps you not to be labeled as rude.


2. Have a clique

Look out for people who are like you, or you can relate to the most and have a clique of friends. It would help on days you need an alibi, or the kitchen starts serving some nice food.


3. Try to speak a local language or pidgin

If you can’t speak your local language, try to speak pidgin. If you are bad at it, they like you even more. It’s cute to see you trying to fit in. Don’t form butty.


4. Make friends with people at the clinic and any official you can

Make friends with people in high places. The doctors at the clinic can get you off morning parades and the officials in camp can get you out of trouble.


5. Go with money

You can forget everything but go with a lot of money.

6. You don’t need to have a boyfriend/girlfriend

This happens at every camp. Suddenly all the guys and ladies are all single and ready to mingle. Married women remove their rings especially the ones who are still looking young and attractive. Some purposely break up with their partners because they are coming to camp thinking they would find their one true love. SMH.

Do you think having a NYSC camp relationship is ideal? It’s not necessary!


7. Join any group as soon as you can

There’s the Orientation Broadcast Service (OBS) and the Social committee and even the Red Cross amidst others. If you don’t like the parades, join one and avoid rehearsals.

8. Go with all these essentials

From power banks to sun shades to shorts and boxers, those are some important items to take with you to camp.

9. Enjoy it

It’s a one in a lifetime experience, so go out of your way to have fun. Bond with people, laugh and share memories.

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