A Game of Number: Ministerial Confirmation and Amaechi

Currently, Amaechi is the most popular politician in Nigeria. His antagonists made him popular and trending. His popularity even in the North knows no bounds. Generally, He is a celebrated politician. Evident on twitter, He has been on trend for over two weeks and counting.

He garnered support from the northerners for his actions during the last general elections. He worked against his own, succeeded in sweeping out his brother using a broom and chant of change.

Suffice me to say, the disparity between the Northern and Southern protectorates develops every minute. Some writers say Nigeria is a Mistake of 1941 (Amalgamation) and blame Lord Lugard.

Nigerian Politics Rule: You can only get support from a region if you belong to the region.
Party Politics Rule: Zoning system is the key point in party rules.

Regional politics will continue to exist as far as Nigeria remains a heterogeneous entity. This is the only peaceful formulae adopted after long debates by different political parties especially those with a national framework. This is not written down on any page in the Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria. It is only found in party pamphlets.

However, Amaechi has defiled all the rules. His confirmation has received thunderous encomiums and acceptance across the Nation. Quoting APC, Amaechi’s ministerial confirmation is a victory over dark forces. His political career seem bright and very promising. With over 70% of northern support and sympathy, the sky is his starting point. There is no gainsaying that the northerners are more populous. Some blame their numerical strength on 2006 Census when the leaders of Biafra asked the southerners not to get counted or participate in the exercise. Their apathy costed them and still cost them. Politics is a game of number. Who gets what, when and how according to Harold Laswell depicts number in Nigerian politics.

To further buttress my point on game of numbers,
According to Thisday, A PDP senator, who preferred not to be named, said the PDP staged a walk-out because they had no choice but to walk out because “it was clear that we did not have the numbers and the only option available to us was to walk out”.

“The last time he (Amaechi) was screened and we sat there not saying anything, people were critical of us because our presence was said to have conferred legitimacy to the exercise.

“So this time, we had to walk out. We could not do anything; they were larger in number. So there was no sense going to a battle that you knew you would lose from the start. That’s what happened,” he explained.

Mixed reactions still trail his confirmation. A more popular stance is that of ever controversial Fani-Kayode who tweeted “Rotimi Amaechi’s confirmation as a Federal Minister is the greatest mockery of the government’s so-called war against corruption. It stinks.” Ofcourse, I do not expect Mr. FFK to drum support for Amaechi, he is only playing the opposition politics.

Conclusively, Amaechi scaled through by number.

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