An Average Human Makes 35,000 Choices a Day: Here’s How to Make Better Decisions

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According to an article on The Leading Edge, each day we are faced with choices. We have to decide on the clothes to wear, food to eat, the tv channel to watch and basically what to do and what not to do at every turn.

These choices we are faced with have consequences that may be either good or bad. But there are some ways we can lessen the consequences of the bad choices we make and make better ones.

According to this article, we can make better decisions by:

Learning from experience

This is true because there is a saying that goes like this ‘ once bitten, twice shy. A lot of us learn to make better decisions from our past experiences which may have been either good or bad.

Entertaining doubt

Try to keep an open mind about every decision you make, you don’t know it all. There are days things do not go right and you have to realize various factors come into play to determine the success of the choice you are about to make.

Giving yourself options

Don’t be so rigid to stick to the choice you made and ignore warning signs. Try to give yourself options because life itself is uncertain.

Try experimenting

Worst case scenario, you fail but you have learnt how not to do it the next time. When we realize that failure is not the end of the world, we will learn how to make better decisions.

Talking to other people

There is nothing new under the sky, the earlier you believe this, the better for you. Some people have to go through what you are currently going through and are on the other side. You have to be open-minded and ask for a way out.

Manage your emotions

According to Indeed

, you have to learn how to manage your emotions and make decisions analytically. You have to separate your feelings and ask yourself questions before finalizing any decision you want to take.

Try not to overthink your choices

Let’s say you are out shopping and you come across a t-shirt, you ask for the price and it’s affordable. You ask them to wrap it up for you and that’s when you realize the t-shirt comes in various colours. Will you go ahead to purchase the one that caught your eyes or continue feeding your eyes on others? Your answer is as good as mine, I will get the colour that caught my eyes and run from temptation.

We painted this scenario, so as you will realize overthinking your choices most times lead to making bad decisions.

Take care of yourself

Selflove is key here. You have to think about the effect your decision will have on you before taking a step forward. But try not to make life-changing decisions on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat properly and you are adequately hydrated and in a good place mentally before taking any step.

Most importantly, you have to remember that each choice you are faced with is a gift because a lot of people are forced to make decisions that destroy them in the long run. Take for instance child brides, they don’t have a say when it comes to who will be their suitor and when they get married, these men run their lives for them.



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