BREAKING! Britain Votes to Leave the European Union as PM David Cameron Resigns

We earlier published an article yesterday on what would likely happen if Britain voted to leave the European Union. David Cameron’s resignation was one of the likely effects predicted by the UK’s HSBC.

After a turbulent night of voting the United Kingdom has chosen to leave the European Union as voters in places like Sunderland, Newcastle turned the tide in the vote on whether Britain should leave the Union or remain.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has also resigned because of the results of the referendum. He says the people of Britain had made their choice and that must be respected. The Prime Minister said he will stand down in October to allow for a new leader for the government.

Though there were big wins for the Remain in EU campaign in places like London, and Oxford the Leave campaign won enough vote by early morning to ensure the results could never be turned in favour of those clamouring for Britain to stay.

And also as predicted the Pound sterling had begun to weaken by as much as 6% from 1 pm .

See more details on how the Referendum on Britain leaving the European Union turned out.

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