Cheapest Call Rates / Tariff Plans in Nigeria 2015 across all Networks

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  1. Olly says:

    Please how do i migrate to Etisalat easy life 4.0
    Each time i dial *420*1# the response is operation failed

  2. Barth says:

    Trutalk+ offers 11k/sec to all network after the at daily access charge of five naira!

  3. James says:

    Glo network is a cheat,d plan is called gbam+ n they always charge me 40k per sec instead of 11k per sec

    1. pacodas says:

      They charge you ₦5 on the first call everyday, subsequent calls are charged at 11k/s. Daily access fee of ₦5 is charged on the first call of the day and is valid till 11.59pm each day

  4. Jude says:

    This is awesome. I was using Mtn better talk and goodbay plan with favoured me greatly. Until Mtn stopped the goodybag. So I was considering other options through with I could make cheaper calls since I make lots of calls. This is really helpful. I will go with GLO since I don’t have etisalat sim.

    1. Kofiani says:

      Glad you found this helpful

  5. Desmond says:

    but, there is a tariff on glo network dt cost just 5naira as access fee per day before u could make any calls. But have forgotten d name of d plan. Cus, am still using it now.

  6. MADAKIe says:

    No more true talk+ now is high talk* cox is 20k/sec. back 2 ETISALAT.

  7. The Mayor says:

    That MTN tariff is terrible.
    You should ask people to join trutalk+ its cheaper at 11kobo per second.
    Send TP to 131

    1. pacodas says:

      We have Trutalk as alternative plan on MTN, the 11kb per sec is for only 11 pre-registered numbers.

    2. Maudenn says:

      what’s tha daily access fee?

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