Chimamanda Adichie Blasts President Buhari, Says He Wasted Opportunity to Reform Nigeria

Chimamanda Adichie, the award winning Nigerian writer has written a scathing article on President Muhammadu Buhair in the New York Times titled ‘Nigeria’s Failed Promises’

She lashed the President Buhari led government for the failed promises of his APC government.

She wrote: “Nigeria is difficult to govern, but President Buhari wasted an opportunity through his actions – from his appointments to his economic decisions.

“He had an opportunity to make real reforms early on, to boldly reshape Nigeria’s path. He wasted it.

“His intentions, good as they well might be, are rooted in an outdated economic model and an infantile view of Nigerians.

“Since Mr. Buhari came to power, villages in the middle-belt and southern regions have been raided, the inhabitants killed, their farmlands sacked. Those attacked believe the Fulani herdsmen want to forcibly take over their lands for cattle grazing.

“It would be unfair to blame Mr. Buhari for these killings, which are in part a result of complex interactions between climate change and land use. But leadership is as much about perception as it is about action, and Mr. Buhari has appeared disengaged.

“It took him months and much criticism from civil society, to finally issue a statement “condemning” the killings. His aloofness feels, at worst, like a tacit enabling of murder and, at best, an absence of sensitive leadership.

“Most important, his behavior suggests he is tone-deaf to the widely held belief among southern Nigerians that he promotes a northern Sunni Muslim agenda.”

“I experienced political fear for the first time, aged seven, under Buhari’s military regime in 1984, I welcomed his election 30 years later in 2015 because he represented some form of hope.

“Because for the first time, Nigerians had voted out an incumbent in an election that was largely free and fair.

“Because Mr Buhari had sold himself as a near-ascetic reformer, as a man so personally above board that he would wipe out Nigeria’s decades-long corruption.

“Perhaps the first clue was the unusually long time it took him to appoint his ministers. After an ostensible search for the very best, he presented many recycled figures with whom Nigerians were disenchanted.

“But the real test of his presidency came with the continued fall in oil prices, which had begun the year before his inauguration.”

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