Combating Fear of Failure in Business the Kids Way

Combating Fear of Failure in Business the Kids Way

Fear has always been, and will still be the bane of most Entrepreneurs especially the young, new and inexperienced ones. The ability to fight and overcome fear differentiates between the successful and unsuccessful business owners.
It is very common for young entrepreneurs to entertain fears especially at the onset of their business. I remember the first appointment I had with the CEO of a company in my neighbourhood years ago when I was kicking of my ICT training program. It took me nearly one week to make up my mind. One sentence I usually use to muster courage is “If am afraid to take opportunities, then I should be ready to embrace poverty” The word poverty detests me a lot and it usually spurs me into action.

As an entrepreneur or a-would-be entrepreneur, you should prepare your mind against every discouraging factor like fear and inferiority syndrome. Sit down and write down some punch lines that will help spur you into action when you experience such discouraging factors.

Most times, I wonder the kind of hearts Kids have; if you have ever been with kids between 1-4 years of age, you will notice the never-afraid-attitude in them. Kids can do anything, ask for anything bravely, even jump down from a storey building. But as they grow the adults around them would start instilling fears in them through various ways.

To combat fear in business you must emulate kids when taking crucial business decisions. This doesn’t mean you should blindly walk into death trap. You should study every terrain you want to go into, weigh the evens and the odds, if from you study you find the business/decision very okay and promising don’t be afraid to start.

Lesson: Take some time to study one or two kids around you today, note down various courageous actions and characteristics you find in them, try to appy them in your life, I bet you will see a change.

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