Once upon a time one could make others laugh their heads off without charging a fee. The comedian was taken for granted . He was usually seen as at best a jovial, carefree person. Nobody ever thought jokes were worth paying for. Today all that has changed.

has always pledged to help its readers realis how to become selfemployed and rich.
If you are a funny individual with the capacity to make people laugh and forget their sorrows its time you becane a nillionaire. Stop overlooking your talents . Comedy is now a big business.
A comedian first and foremost makes people relaxed and happy. Like musicians they are in the entertainment business.

A comedian is usually invited to social functions such as weddings, parties, child naming ceremonies etc. Business functions like product launch are not left out. Comedians most of the times also act as Master Comperes ( MCees ) at events.

To make money from the comedy business you must take several steps
acquire the abilty to see jokes around you– every event and happenings around you should be looked at at their sunny side. Create numerous jokes so you will not run out of them.
start free!- Don’t be surprised. though you are going into comedy to make money start by offering your services to rich individuals in your area. If they don’t pay you, no problem. If you are good the first two shows you do are going to be the only ones you will do free.
network, network– attend meetings where you can come in contact with social and entertainment icons. Give away your cards.
see comedy as big business– Ask the big comedians who have offices and corporate images. They earn fabulous pay per show.
They collect money to help plan events and event venues and charge fat fees for consultations. They earn huge from the advertising industry through the advert agencies that use them in Tv and radio adverts. Include all these and more in your line of functions and let the cards tell what you can do. Plan to go big time.
seek new knowledge– don’t repeat jokes, always find new refreshing ones. Read extensively, develop in the field of public speaking.
be creative– It was somebody that came up with the idea of organising an all comedy show and also of putting these shows in cds to sell and this brings in millions for the comedy industry each year.

You don’t need formal training. Only exploit the funny side of you and allow your imagination to flourish. Very soon you can be earning quite some money while you still do other things.

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