Focus Marketing: When it Helps

Today we are revealing to business men one of the greatest strategies ever to apply in the emancipation of their business no matter how small or big it might be. Everybody hears about marketing these days but still so many don’t understand how best to use the various marketing mix to push up their company income without taking their budget to the cleaners. My principal in high school would always admonish us to focus and focus. That brings me to focus marketing.

The beauty of focus is that it allows you aim all or most of your marketing energy at those who are most likely to buy your product or service.

You have to come across as an authority in a particular field. Even if you produce a wide range of products you should be able to carve a niche for each of them. This is why many companies have brand managers for each product or service brand they have. You should be able to position each of them to the target audience.

In some cases the group that uses your product may not have the purchasing power. This happens when you produce goods for teenagers or children still under the control of parents and without money to spend. In these cases the company has to direct their marketing efforts towards the parents as well as (I advise strongly) the children. This is because the children will exert reasonable influence on the parents to buy if the former are moved to want your product.

I, actually, don’t want to sound like one of the over schooled business professors who have never run even a diaper changing business but blow grammar all over without specifically telling business men what they could do to improve their business. So down to the nitty gritty, as a company, analyze your products, look around and identify the better prospective customers and bombard them through a mixture of marketing tools. Don’t sell to everybody.

Are you in the auto-repairs business? target car owners

In the baby care business? Target mothers. Search for them wherever they are, hospitals, beauty clinics etc. make a list of every possible place they are most likely to be concentrated.

In the hotelier, hospitality industry? Aim your marketing at high brow offices, conferences and media prospects are likely to watch. Got the gist?

Look for places where people who are more likely to buy from you are found and turn on your marketing ideas full strength at them. At the long run when you have converted enough of them to your loyal customers you would be enjoying repeat sales.

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