GT Bank Launches Mobile Money Service (GTBank MobileMoney)

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  1. David A. says:

    who pays for the transaction? the sender or the receiver or both. 2. what are the terms and conditions 3. how does this differ from etranzact?

  2. Olasunkanmi Shomosu says:

    I don’t know if this service supports transferring cash to your own bank account(or someone else’s bank account) from ones mobile airtime account.
    If it does, a subscriber can recharge e.g.#50000 and send it to a receiver elsewhere, and that receiver can get it in cash.

    What are the terms and condition?
    What are d costs of operation?
    What does the mobile operator charge for the registration and the services?
    Is it same as etranzact’s mobilemoni?

  3. kcee says:

    I dey hale this bank. They are one of the most innovative banks in nigeria when it comes to information technology.

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