How To Get Ahead in the Corporate World – Build a Power Base

In the corporate business world, government agencies and even non-governmental bodies the battle for power and supremacy is fierce and to stand a chance you’ll be needing a power base. Getting ahead in the corporate world means getting promoted steadily or rapidly (if you like), earning a fat paycheck and having your words carry weight.

To achieve all these you’ll be coming in contact with business minded persons who may or may not like your face. That of course is not your business. Your business is to use all available opportunity to advance your cause in your place of work. To advance to the top of your field you’ll need to create a formidable power base.

Your Power base will be like a strong foundation on which you build your career aspirations and achievements. As a strong foundation it has to be made of solid materials so that you don’t crumble down halfway to the top. A solid power base is of two essential type;
a) Expert Power
b) Personality Power

These are two powers you have to develop as they will form your power base. Your strength in both will determine how solid your power base becomes.
a) Expert Power; This is the power you develop from your knowledge of the things that work and the ones that don’t in your field. If you rack up an intimidating expertise and unbeatable knowledge in your place of work you’ll almost be untouchable.

Say if you are among the top 3 brains in the entire industry of marketing communications your company heads will be very much aware of your pricelessness (not sure if I’m not inventing the word) and would do everything possible to keep you.

To develop high expert power train yourself to produce consistently excellent results and work quietly to wrap up a reputation as one of the best and sharpest guys around. You’ll dine with Kings and Princes.

b) Personality Power; If you are not extremely gifted on the talent and knowledge side, don’t worry so much. You’ll only have to work hard enough to be above average knowledge wise and turn on your charms fully. If asked I’d say that personality power is the more difficult of the two to acquire but in some cases it’s also more slightly handy than expert power.

Keep as many of the office workers on your side as possible but don’t join office gossip groups . To be always informed of the latest office maneuvers get at least one weak worker from each clique and turn on your charm. Make them your confidential pals and relax back as they spill the everyday beans for you. It will be difficult to be liked by everyone especially if you are noticed as playing above office clique but try to be friendly with the most you can. It’s not an easy road but you probably will have to stick with it. Those who run their own firms don’t necessarily need all the gospel.

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